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Welcome to the Turbo! Saab tire size calculator!

Thanks to our friends at Miata.net, We've secured this customized tire size calculator for you to compare your current tire size to a new and different size tire, or any two tire sizes you might think of (well, within reason).

Please note that this requires a Java-enabled Browser

For those still running TRX rubber (you can still get TRX rubber?), here's the comparitive data for the size Saab used:

180/65 390
Sidewall: 4.6063 in 117 mm Radius: 12.2835 312 Diameter: 24.5669 624 Circumference: 77.1791 1960.35 Rev per...: mi 820.95 km 510.113

Once again, thanks to Gary Fischman for the Java Applet, and customizing it for Turbo! Thanks also to Miata.net where I found Gary's calculator.