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What is Turbo! ?

Turbo! was created because at the time there was no other mailing list that catered to the Saaber that wanted to wrench on his own car. Whether that be a Saaber that wrenched on Vintage Saabs, Classic Saabs, or the Next Generation. Turbo! supports all Saabs and Saabers.

Turbo! was also the first to implement the un-moderated high volume list. That made for a fast list that would bring you the information you needed. So here we are today Turbo! the fastest Saab list on the Net.

Turbo! members host and participate in Saab events all over the world. If you are into Saabs you've come to the right place.

The Turbo! email list is hosted by Carl Nation, HenFast hosts the website.

Since March 9th, 1996 Turbo! has been providing a fast e-mail list supporting Saab automobiles. The Turbo! website came online shortly there after.

Welcome and Enjoy!

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