Saab 900 SPG Prototype

Shown here is a very rare Classic 900. On about 1983/4 Saab was testing the 16 valve motor, and wanted to offer something 'special' to the buyers. In Europe it became the Saab 900 Aero. In the UK, it was the Saab 900 turbo 16 S, in the US it was the Saab 900 turbo with Special Performance Group

You can pick out the main feature of the car by noting the side skirts painted the same color as the body - a pearlescent white. Note also the car has the air outlet covers and the 'whale tail' rear spoiler.

The paint is a color not offered as standard on any Saab to my knowledge. This Pearl White looks very good on this car, especially carried, as it is, into the skirts.

The interior has at least one thing you never see on an American Saab. The interior is finished in Colorado Red Leather, with the added bonus of a color-coordinated steering wheel, and a red dashboard cover and 'A' pillar covers.

The last item that is visible is the wheelwell filling 6 x 16" wheels. Sold only for the 9000 in the US, these must be special wheels, as they are fitted to the early 900 suspension.

I hope to see more of this car and it's 2 or three siblings. When I do, I'll have more photos available.

In the meantime, I have compiled a website full of information on the Saab 900 SPG as sold in the USA. Click to go to Larry's (almost) definitive guide to the Saab 900 SPG

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