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Do It Yourself!

Welcome to Turbo!s DIY page. Here we will have links to help you out with working on your Saab. Links to reference materials on the web or otherwise, and, of course, links to stuff that Saabers have done themselves. Hopefully with pictures! Uh, we're talking about working on your Saab, OK ;-)

First, the reference section!

If you need to check out the VIN # of your Saab, here's Turbo!s reference page on Saab VIN codes.

Planning on changing your tires? How much will those new shoes affect your speedo? What size 16" tire is comparable to the 15" I have now? Well, guess no longer, here's the all-new Turbo! Saab tire size calculator! (requires Java-enabled browser)

Looking for the Turbo! Classic 900 Alignment Specifications?