Classic 900 16 valve motor identification aid - Engine Compartment

This is one of several pages designed to help you out in knowing your way around the engine compartment of your Saab 900.

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86-APC/EZK Ignition Module
86 & up APC or EZK location Ignition Module
Cruise Pump 900 Auto diff drain
Cruise Control pump Airmass meter & throttle body
Coil & APC solenoid
Inner CV 900 Auto diff drain
Inner CV joint Right rear motor mount

Here's pics of some of the other fun things you'll find in the engine compartment.

First up, there is the APC box. Located under the left rear seat in 1982-1985, Saab moved it up to the engine compartment in 1986. This is also the location for the EZK ignition control system for 16 valve non-turbos.

Next is the tiny ignition module. A similar unit is the ignition amplifier for the EZK system.

The Cruise Control pump is sandwiched up here. It makes the vacuum that operates the cruise control system. Somewhere below this is the charcoal canister...

This shot shows (left to right) the top of the Air Mass Meter, the Throttle Dashpot (the thing that looks like a spaceship), and the throttle actiator.

Up front, we have the Ignition Coil and the APC solenoid. The APC solenoid has different connectors, depending on year.

This is a shot of the right inner CV from above the exhaust manifold.

Finally, we have a shot of the right motor mount.

Top of motor
Rest of the Engine Compartment
Fuel Filter and Jack points
Fluid Drains
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Classic 900

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