Classic 900 motor

'B' engine - steel valve cover, water pump and distributor driven by accessory shaft in block. 8 valves. Bosch CIS injection (K-jetronic) 110-118hp n/a, 135 hp turbo

'H' engine - alloy valve cover. Distributor in valve cover driven by camshaft directly. Water pump driven by alternator belts. Considerably lighter than 'B' motor. 8 valves. Bosch CIS injection (K-jetronic) 110-118hp n/a, 135 hp turbo.

'16valve' engine. Derivative of 'H' block. Major difference - 4 valves per cylinder...Starter moved to inlet side of block in 1986. Bosch LH-Jetronic injection (several variations) 160-185hp turbo, 125-128 hp n/a. Originally a turbo only in 85, 86 had the n/a motor in the 'S'. 89 saw the n/a in the base car as well.

2.1 liter motor - normally aspirated only 140 HP.

The following is designed to help Classic 900 Saabers out with locating and identifying parts in the engine compartment. I hope to have an image map up soon, but in the meantime, we'll have to settle for text.

I'll break down the photos best I can. Each link below will connect you to a page with 2-5 small JPEG images and some elaborative text.

For those interested, the pics were taken with a Macintosh PowerBook 520c/PPC and a Connectix Color QuickCam. They were then adjusted and touched-up in Adobe Photoshop. No film was used in this process. -Larry

Top of motor
Rest of the Engine Compartment
Fuel Filter and Jack points
Fluid Drains

Classic 900